Saturday, July 4, 2009

WinHIIP V.1.7.6 For PS 2

WinHIIP is a PC application for installing PS2 CD / DVD images onto a hard disk drive for use by HDLoader or one of its many derivatives including the greatly enhanced Toxic OS produced for the DMS4 Pro chip by Team Toxic. The primary reason for creating the application was to speed up the process of installing images onto the hard drive as installing these from the console could take up to 30 minutes where as on the PC this can be done in a couple of minutes. The hard disk drive currently has to be physically connected to your PC for the software to work. The speed is dependant on your connection method & windows configuration, it can be as slow as 1Mb/s using USB1, 12Mb/s using USB2 and up to 40Mb/s using IDE.

WinHIIP is compatible with Windows 98,ME,2000 & XP. Although 98 & ME support has some limitations due to the restrictions on direct hard drive access.

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